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As you navigate Dezi products, you may decide to pick and choose elements from various style groups. However, we've made it easy to create a coordinated and integrated bathroom with similarly designed products within seven product series. Each has a distinct design perspective to give your bathroom a defined, unified look. 

Harmoni Series | D1

Strikingly unique elements blend harmoniously to create true design synergy.

Sereniti Series | D2

Clean, rectangular shapes with gleaming flat surfaces.

Alchemi Series | D3

Simple, elegant, cylindrical. Alchemi is the secret behind priceless bathroom design.

Simpliciti Series | D4

Simpliciti offers the clarity, utility and clean lines that result in beauty and elegance.

Geometri Series | D5

A well-crafted, wall mounting is the foundational base of elegant geometric styling.                  

Liberti Series | D6

The essence of patriotic tradition and impeccable traditional styling, combined with old-world craftsmanship.

Shower Series | D7

Shower accessories that work together in a well-organized work space where everything is within reach.