about dezi
Keep your eyes open. Make new discoveries. Live fully.

Hi. We’re Dezi.

We’re a company that approaches home accessories from

a different angle. We believe that sometimes you have to

step back and take a fresh look at what once seemed obvi-

ous, even when you’re talking about something as ordinary

as a towel bar or a soap holder. That’s the step that turns

the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Does a product design make sense? Can it make more

sense? Can it do what it’s supposed to do, but better? Can

it look more interesting? Is it fun? (Yes, we think ‘fun’ can

be a valid design criterion.)

For instance, how many times have you wasted time strug-

gling to clean a shower soap holder? We think there’s a

better way. What if that soap holder detached? You could

easily clean it. Or consider a modular system that lets you

flexibly organize your jewelry, soap dispenser and other

bathroom necessities.

We don’t think those kinds of insights are mere novelties.

They are the beating heart of innovation. Common sense

elements, fused with cutting-edge design, high manufac-

turing standards, and unrivaled quality and finish. We really

care about these things and we hope you do, too.

In our creative design process, we’d found that inspiration

comes from many places. Shapes. Textures. Materials. Dif-

ferent cultures and countries. Nature. Swedish places with

funny dots over the vowels. The list is endless. You gather,

you assess, and you process all of it. Then you concentrate

on making something better than you’ve ever seen.

It’s not just a good way to make a product. It’s a good way

to live life.